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Misspelled list #41 – Transparent Typo

somewhere in her 2

Posted by: Wallevand | February 21, 2014

Misspelled list #40 – Lying with Spies



Posted by: Wallevand | November 6, 2013

Misspelled list #38 – outmoded modes of protection


This typo is mine.



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Misspelled list #37 – Things get real


This typo is one of my own.


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Misspelled list #36 – Wallevand’s Own Blend #2

Oof, been awhile since I made an entry here.  I’ve been busy doing a lot of work writing, which means TYPOS! I’ve been a bit off my game the last 2 weeks. During the writing of some marketing copy, FAQs, communications, and other docs, I’ve found a couple doozies.

Onjective – A medical mixture sprayed onto the skin via syringe, as opposed to something injected. Not very effective.

Gnderstand – The pose of a male goose vying for the attention of a female.

Sumbit – Slang, a contracted expression used when bitten; as in “Sumbit me!

Startegy – Corporate term for a strategy that implies it will actually be implemented, rather than just created.

Devlingers – Small caliber pistols used by the minions of the Devil. (I might actually use that in a story…



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Misspelled list #35 – Geolaughable locations

Get ready to confuse Google maps. If you can’t guess the intended places, the answers will be in the Comments section.

"No wait, we were looking for the *Mediterrean* Sea."

Irony Coast – a land-locked African nation

Minesotta – phonetic spelling of the thirty-second state

Sarha – a short laugh of embarrassment

Mediterrean – Tolkien’s original name for Middle Earth

Belglum – no one is ever happy here

Whyoming – is what a lot of people want to know

Norf Pole – what you chipped your toof on


Posted by: Wallevand | May 11, 2011

Misspelled list #34 – Scrabble added what words??

Scrabble just released its latest wordlist which adds 3,000 words. Some are great. Some are…lame.

I love Scrabble. And I love it’s relatively conservative view of the English language, though at the same time I equally love the constantly evolving nature of the language. But some of these new words rankle the cowplop out of me. Don’t get me wrong, there are words and abbreviations that I personally use while writing (e.g. lemme, gotcha, LOL, wanna), but I sure don’t want to see them on the Scrabble board.

Keeping with my theme of making up definitions for misspelled words, I’ve taken a crack at some of the new additions to the Scrabble wordlist. I won’t put the correct spellings in the comment section (like I usually do) because according to Scrabble, they are spelled correctly. Sigh.

thang – the sound of a bowstring just before it is muffled

blingy – used to describe the bling-a-ling-a-ling sound a telephone makes

innit – being inside something; the opposite of outtit

darknet – Whatet happenet whenet the sunet goet downet

grrrl – the growling of an animal that turns into surprise or confusion

I’d like to play a single 15-point word as commentary on these additions: sonsabitches.


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Misspelled list #33 – Veroes and Hillains


"Read the word balloon! It's spelled *right* there!"

As a hero or villain, you need a name that is hard to forget and easy to spell. One out of two ain’t bad…? 








Magento – the X-Men’s not-quite-purple-cloaked enemy

nemessis – the untidy cause of one’s downfall

Jeasus – an evil clone of Jesus, spelled differently to keep the two separate in sacred texts

Lanwdmore man – A man from Lanwdmore. Duh.

Odyszeus – the father of the Greek gods, who took his sweet time getting home after the Trojan War

Hilter – The first half of the name of the song that drove Charles Manson crazy.

“Don’t. Even. Think. It.”


Hand Solo – I’m not even going to touch this one. Ba-dum dum! 





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Misspelled list #32 – Conpare and Comtrast

Sometimes, the best way to define a thing is to compare it to another thing. And when there isn’t a word that suits that comparison, make one up!

Imence – how to keep your ocular cavity smelling fresh

horrable – capable of being a horr

differents – use to describe things that are different in multiple ways

aswensome – and you aslose some

superblative – not only is it exquisite, it’s better than something else

piggest – when something is larger by a swine’s proportions

sporiffic – use to describe the terror caused by infectious spores


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